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I have been working as a designer for seven years. I started out in a print shop in Chicago. When I moved to Peoria, IL I began at a local agency but soon came to work full time for central Illinois' largest home improvement collective. On the side I started my own apparel company specializing in St. Louis themed tops, hats, and decals. 


The Poser Company is a way for me to connect my store of St. Louis based apparel with my greater portfolio of design work and illustrations. 

My design philosophy for my shop is simple. No one cares about my company name or logo. Any schmuck can make a logo and plaster it on stock products and call themselves a brand. I try to design products that stem from an existing passion already instilled in my customers. They are niche items that bend the rules and allow people to show their support in a more intimate way that only St. Louis fans can appreciate. The goal is to bring a little diversity and fun to the fans, from a fan.